Office 365 – The Steps for a Successful Migration

To ensure The achievement of your Office 365 movement venture, you need to make certain you accomplish the corresponding objectives:

Office 365

  • No data is lost during the transition process;
  • No system holiday – your business Still wants to function; and
  • It is done and cost-adequately.

As it were, ! These goals can be accomplished by following these 7 steps:

  1. Survey Your existing email system

In case You’re very similar to most people, the critical reason for migrating to Office 365 is because you will need to transfer your email to the cloud. Appropriately, it is crucial to begin by ordering the technical details on your existing email server and conduct a review report which identifies all of the dynamic users and groups in addition to the size of the email boxes.

  1. Survey your current Microsoft licensing status

Office 365 Has number of prerequisites that are technical before you relocate, that you ought to know about. The principle one that grabs out individuals is that Office 2003 and Windows XP are not supported. In addition to ensuring your operating system and browser will work with Office 365, additionally, it is vital to evaluate the versions and licenses of the Microsoft Office applications you as of now have. Like most organizations, you’re presumably using a mix of Microsoft Office versions, which is just fine – yet it is vital to understand what you have currently so which you could settle on the right choice on which mix of office 365 business plans are suitable to your association.

  1. Survey Your present information storage locations and dimensions

Office 365 Offers two principle places for the saving of your data – SharePoint and Microsoft OneDrive. In order to settle on an educated choice on how best to keep your data as soon as you proceed to Office 365, it is crucial to audit and document the locations and dimensions of your information.

  1. Settle on The best mix of Office 365 programs

You’re Presently at where you have got managed services information in your email system, you get a nitty gritty report in your current Microsoft licensing and you know how much information you want to relocate. Congratulations – you are currently at where you are able to audit the various Office 365 business and business plans and select which ones are best for your institution.