Youth Passion for Life – Brief overview

You have seen it before in the Movies; you watch his eyes begin to roll up at the back of his head as he savours the bite of food, and his face melts and once his mouth opens he believed he had been there to scorn. You that you feel as though you wrote it yourself can hear it in the voice of a singer they are singing. There are numerous chefs and food critics, singers, actors and actresses. I believe it is 1 thing. Passion! A passion for whatever they are currently doing. Youth passion is the difference between extraordinaire and poor. It draws you into a place where anything is possible. More than ever, teens, youth and young adults will need to see that there’s fire alive in our society today.

They wish to see that there’s something and see it. TheĀ bashir dawood passion Swells to greatness as a symphony from the eyes and moves you. In invention or profession, fire is the magical ingredient. An individual can be well-bred, rehearsed and even educated, but he is a robot in motion. Add fire and you have a lifetime, a masterpiece, a work of art. Passion Is a life giving force or energy that has the ability to induce the spirit without it to heights. The world itself is energy and matter. Imagine if we had passion for life and what we did with God and the world. So Again, the ingredient to the recipe of our own lives definitely fire. Our schedule’s part, should be, fire. And the instrument needs be fire. Last, but certainly not least is, fire.