How to Run a Part Time Cleaning Company?

Would like to say right at the start that you may be better off running a complete time cleaning business, rather than trying for a part time because lots of the costs and compliance issues are the same You will still have to spend money on advertisements and purchase equipment whatever the amount of hours you run with.

Find Regular and excellent clients whenever possible

If you are only available a few days of the week you will need to discover a customer that needs cleaning on a regular schedule. This leans towards company workplace cleaning rather than residential. Cleaning houses requires too many changes in times and days when they need you.

A business will place a Schedule and keep it up for weeks at a time, plus they will pay more for your time.

Look At your weekly availability

cleaning service

Sit down and find out what days and times you have the ability to function as a cleaner. This can allow you to decide which sort of cleaning service you have the ability to supply. Based upon the time and day you will need to coordinate your individual commitments around the customers.

If your timetable is Flexible, then proceed for any contracts that let you attain your part time objectives.

If your timetable is not flexible, then you want to make sure that each and every hour you are available to work is booked in for a service. This might even need one to consider part time cleaning service offer discounting to fill in daily to stop it being a loss to your organization.

Customer contacts

If you are working for someone else, it is not unprofessional to take your customer bookings on the job, but it may be illegal.

Establish good systems for customers to have the ability to contact you for any reason. This means another telephone number and message bank for cleaning contracts that family, friends or coworkers do not answer by mistake.

Consider using a Receptionist or message support to answer the telephone and make bookings for you so you could organize your service bookings more efficiently.