Never Wear White on a Party Bus

White is a great color, although some might argue that it is actually just the absence of color. This is a pedantic argument though, since as far as linguistics is concerned white is most definitely a color regardless of what other people might say. You might really like white based on the manner in which you have currently chosen to end up living your life, but it is important to note that if you are thinking about wearing white on a party bus then you should stop right there before you end up doing something that you truly regret.

White shirts can look really great especially if you pair them with other shades that are going to be similarly pleasant, but when you are on a Saline MI party bus there are going to be a lot of things spilling here and there and whenever something spills over there is a chance that it might spill onto your shirt. If you’re wearing an actual color instead of white then the stain might not even show, but if you had decided that white was the way to go then suffice it to say that the stain would pretty much never end up coming off.

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Everyone would be staring at you if you have a big old stain on your white shirt. This is a lot of unwanted attention and it would more than likely make you feel self conscious in a really bad way. You might have been expecting to wear white and had planned accordingly, but choosing literally any other color apart from white is going to be a far more practical idea since the chance of stains being visible would be reduced.