Why It Is Important to Regularly Keep Your Packing Tape Dispenser?

Gummed tape, also called Water-activated tape, is an extremely effective carton sealing method that creates a permanent bond with corrugated cartons. Bonding means the tape’s adhesion literally becomes part of the carton and, because of this, your products remain protected throughout their shipping procedure. Nobody can break into the carton with no tape being ripped and the intrusion detected. Using gummed tape in combination with a gummed paper tape dispenser also saves your organization time and money which enhances productivity and helps grow your company.

Performing the recommended regular Maintenance on equipment can frequently be overlooked. Folks get busy doing their jobs and do not necessarily give much thought to the tools which help them perform their jobs efficiently. It is important to remind employees about the need to systematize machine maintenance and to describe why it is so important. This report discusses the benefits of regularly maintaining your water-activated tape dispensers.

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Raise Your Company’s Productivity

Regular maintenance helps your gummed packing tape dispenser continue to function in top working condition. Ensuring the machine’s water brushes and shear blades are clean are two things employees can easily do to ensure a high-functioning dispensing machine. To maintain your dispenser working its best, brushes should be cleaned weekly and shear blades daily. Only trained technicians should service the shear blade. For safety reasons, make certain the machine is unplugged and turned off if any maintenance is done on the machine.Maintenance keeps your machine performing at its best, keeping your workforce productive. By doing routine maintenance, your tape will have a clean cut and stick properly to your corrugated carton.

Routine Maintenance Saves Money

Consistent care helps to keep your operation running smoothly. Additionally, it helps avoid important repairs. The major aim of normal maintenance is to strive for 100% gear efficiency.However, not doing regular Maintenance may cause costly machine repairs. Consistent and timely maintenance will keep your water-activated tape dispenser running properly and help you save money in the long term.Along with the maintenance of Cleaning brushes and blades, yearly dispenser maintenance includes thoroughly cleaning all gathered pieces of tape, tape dust etc., using a hair dryer or dry brush, cleaning the base of the heater and the pressure plate of gathered adhesive, and oiling the upper and lower blades gently with a light machine oil. Again, only a trained technician should support the absolute blade and blade region. Save money by maintaining your tape dispensing machine in the best working condition to boost your shipping and packaging procedure.